Video view counts will now only be visible to the video creators, in the My Video Dashboard and your Analytics

I am making this decision, because I understand the stigma and social pressure, people get with the view counter. You be surprised, some people lose so much focus on their art or what they want to show you because they are so stuck into the hypnotizing bipolar numbers and creates a virtual feel of how popular you are or if you are a failure.

The likes and dislikes will still be there for ratings and you still will be able to comment and even chat. I just want to end the power from the elites that control people with these numbers by not making it a public thing anymore.

Numbers will still be recorded and shown in your creator dashboard and also in the video edit page as well. Analytics will still also report the numbers, so if you have ads this will not interfere with cpm or anything. This is just making the view count not the most important thing for people to judge a video by if they want to watch or not.

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