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In order for you to grow your channel, People Need to Know about it, and what they can get from it.

I know a lot of people are use to being handed a audience because how easy it is on Youtube, Twitch, and Chinese DLive, but that is not how the real world works. That is how they control you, and your audience.

99% of the views, and likes, on these closed sourced platforms use bots to make you feel popular and to tell more people to come over.

We don’t do that¬† here at JoshWho TV. In fact we give full transparency on the analytics and you can even install your own person analytics code to go along side ours to compare where your getting your traffic from.

All you need to do to change that is start sharing your videos.

There is no throttling or shadow banning here, like most the other platforms. I want you to get big and famous and have all the equipment ready for you to use.

I am giving everyone in the world, free ability to be a broadcaster, and have a video hosting service, with unlimited storage, and with free chat, free re streaming, Free Live Streaming, Roku RSS feed and other Media MRSS feeds, Podcast Rss feeds, all for FREE.

You are the only one holding yourself back. Let’s change that.

Share on Twitter especially now that Elon owns it. It won’t be shadowbanned. This is your time to shine, the world is scared and upset about all the lies and COVID bs and looking for anything to get some kind of solution.

It is so simple to get views today you just gotta let the people know where they can watch you. Share on Gab, Loop, Creation Social, Twitter, Facebook, etc…¬† and watch your audience grow fast. If you have real followers or people actually watching and interested in what you are doing then they will subscribe and watch you daily.

Let’s end that chaos thinking by sharing your videos to all the other social nets.

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