(SOLVED)Bug Not able to log in Being worked on Sorry for the inconvenience

10:11 pm Resolved. We now have 5 confirmations saying they can login so I am going to mark this as resolved.

8:43 pm UPDATE: We think the problem might be solved and would like any users having the issue to please report back to us if you are able to login now, please and thanks.

6:47 pm We know about this bug and are currently working on it and will let you know as soon as a fix is it. Sorry for the inconvenience

Users that are having problems logging in please try to reset your passwords. If you need help please send us a support request to support@joshwhotv.com

You can look further into this bug development here: https://github.com/WWBN/AVideo/issues/7606

We are currently working on patching a bug that resets settings and makes logging in not function correctly

Sorry for the inconvenience. JoshWho TV will be in maintenance mode until 5:00 am ct. Hopefully sooner.

JoshWho TV bug causing passwords not to work has been identified and is being resolved.

We are working on this glitch that keeps happening that makes it inconvenient for people to log in some times and are in the middle if a fix for it.

Channel Checkmark Verified Might be removed | We had a bug in a update – Please submit a ticket to fix

There was a bug in one of our last updates that changed some stored settings and now we have to go back and turn some things back on. If your channel is missing its verification checkmark

Please submit a support ticket and we will get it back on there for you.

We also welcome others if they would like to have there channel verified just send me a support tick with your channel info and I will hook you all up.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Roku Feed bug has been found and is will be fixed shortly.

Bug has been Fixed and Roku Developer is back being enabled. Everything looks good now.



There is a bug causing feed errors and will be fixed shortly.

Look more into this bug here: https://github.com/WWBN/AVideo/issues/7526

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