There is a Bug with VIdeo Uploading and we are working on a Fix

There was a recent update that broke the uploader and so we are now investigating it and trying to figure it out.

All videos uploaded on 10/18/2020  were not saved to the Media storage and need to be re uploaded once we have this all fixed.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

RSS Feeds are Built Into Every JoshWho TV Channel – Making it easy to Automate Social Media

Every Channel on JoshWho TV has it’s own dedicated RSS URL.

Just go to your channel page for example

Just add a /feed to the end of that to make it

That will give you your RSS feed for your channel

So what all can you do with an rss feed?

RSS feeds make it simple to integrate other apps to show your Headlines or posts in this case your videos you just uploaded.

There are many ways to use the rss feeds including Zapier and IfTTT to automatically post to your social media accounts like Facebook Twitter etc… every time you release a new video.

Those are just a couple of examples but we want to make your channel as shareable as possible to help you get your content out to your audience as fast as possible.

Bug: Video videos over 30 minutes were getting corrupted including Live Streams Solved

We have got the bug fixed that was corrupting long videos. Sorry for any inconvenience.

If you uploaded a video in the last 5 days from this post check it to make sure it plays all the way. If not just reupload it and swap it. Everyone has access to the video swap feature in their video manager page.

BUG: DVR Live Stream Recordings are sometimes corrupted or not complete SOLVED

We have seen a lot of complaints recently about stream recordings getting corrupted and we are looking into this. For right now all I can recommend is to locally record all your live streams and then upload it to the platform until we can get this solved.

We will post an update once everything is fixed and back to normal.

Sorry for any inconveniences.


Problem has been solved and should be an issue anymore.

Bug: I Keep Getting Logged Out! – Something Is Eating the Cookies

We are aware of the bug and are looking into it. This also happens when you clean or clear your browser’s temp data and delete cookies then it will also log you out. We use cookies in order for you to be able to log in and remember your custom setting you have created.

There is a glitch though that seems to log you out after a couple hours and it shouldn’t do that so we have someone looking into it now and should be fixed later today.

Bug on Channel Home Display

There has been a bug report Channel pages not showing correctly and we are looking into it now and should be corrected by later this morning.

(FIXED)Uploading is Temporarily Disabled

UPDATE: The uploader is good to go and ready to use.



We are working on the uploader currently and have it disabled. Should be back up around the afternoon sometime tomorrow on 6/15/2020


Sorry for any inconvenience.

Bug: Categories are not staying what you select in the uploader

Bug has been found and is being worked on. Should be fixed soon.

(SOLVED Live Streams not connecting BUG

We have solved the problem. A new firewall config was blocking access to streamers. Everything should be working good now. If you have any issues please open a support ticket.

SOLVED: Email notifications not sending Bug

We are working on this problem and should have it all fixed within 24 hours.


Email Notifications are now better than ever. Should have no more problems sending them out.