Discord Chat is now a Option for Your Live STreams and Profile!!!!!!!!!!

This will now make it simple for you to use Restream.io and other services that allow you to Multi Stream.

Very simple to integrate. All you do is go to https://titanembeds.com 

Log in with your discord account and then grab your discord server.

All you need is the direct link’


and save this into your setting in My account on JoshWho TV

If you want to go back to the old chat just delete the link from the Embed box.

Auto Record Live Streams is now a Switch located in Live Dashboard you can turn on or off limited to certain accounts requests for it

Now all Live Streamers are able to turn off their Auto Stream Recording if you want to do 24/7 streams or repeats and do not want it to keep uploading to your channel wasting space. If you would like this feature please send in a support request.

JoshWho TV Mobile App Now for All devices – No App Store Needed anymore

We now have PWA integration which will bypass the need to be listed in app stores and anyone with a mobile device can now just Add us to their Home Screen and it will install our mobile app on your device.

  1. Just Open up your browser and go to https://www.joshwhotv.com
  2. Go to your address bar and you should see a option to Install App at the end of it. If you do not see this go 2nd option.
  3. (2nd option Skip if above worked) Click your Browser’s setting Menu might be a triple Dot menu or Gear or Asterisk depending on browser and Look for the option to Add to Home Screen
  4. Done – You have now just installed our mobile app on your device and should keep you logged in if you tell it to on first log in.

Our Free Restream Service now Works Better than Ever – Give it a Try

All verified user accounts are able to add other RTMP stream URLs and Keys so when you go live from your JoshWho TV account it will rebroadcast to all the other platforms for free.

(SOLVED)Email Notifications are disabled for now

UPDATE: 06/01/21 Email notifications has been fixed and work again.



UPDATE: 12/7/20 Comments and Live Stream notifications still work.

We just had a batch of videos I guess like 300 videos in a row uploaded and this caused the email services to no longer allow sending notifications because it gets spam complaints.

Solution for now until we build a smtp server is to sign up to my Loop social network and share your video links there and have your audience also join loop so they can keep getting your notifications.


Loop is a free speech social network. Bring all your friends here, works way better than Parler and there is already a lot of people on it.

RSS Feeds are Built Into Every JoshWho TV Channel – Making it easy to Automate Social Media

Every Channel on JoshWho TV has it’s own dedicated RSS URL.

Just go to your channel page for example https://www.joshwhotv.com/channel/JoshWhoTV

Just add a /feed to the end of that to make it https://www.joshwhotv.com/channel/JoshWhoTV/feed

That will give you your RSS feed for your channel

So what all can you do with an rss feed?

RSS feeds make it simple to integrate other apps to show your Headlines or posts in this case your videos you just uploaded.

There are many ways to use the rss feeds including Zapier and IfTTT to automatically post to your social media accounts like Facebook Twitter etc… every time you release a new video.

Those are just a couple of examples but we want to make your channel as shareable as possible to help you get your content out to your audience as fast as possible.

Re-Stream to other Platforms Free Multicasting To Other Social Platforms

Did you know you are able to re-stream your live video to other platforms right from your live dashboard? Well, you can.

No need to pay for re streaming services any more. Now you can Multi-Stream to any other live platform you have an account at eg. Twitch, Youtube, Periscope, Facebook Personal and Pages, etc….

Go to your live Dashboard and Click on the Restream tab and you will be able to add other stream destinations to any platform.

Live Streams on the Home Page have been discontinued

We have decided to no longer show the Live Streams on the Homepage due to a Cache issue and some bugs it also had.

Live streams can be found from the Live Notification Alert area at the top of the website.

Video Dashboard is Being Redeveloped and Is Disabled for now

We are working on a new Video Dashboard that will have all of your Video view Stats. The old version has a lot of bugs and script errors so we are working on a better one and should be out hopefully next month.

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