New Tip/Donation Link Spot now in all Creator Accounts.

You can now add a custom tip or donation link to your channel.

This button will be available on every creator video that has a link added in their Account Settings.

Just go to MY ACCOUNT to add your link. It can be any kind of pay link Ex. Paypal, Streamlabs, Patreon, Subscribe Star, Teespring, etc….

Or We Can Build You a Tip Jar Page that has all your links on it, and link that to your channel. See The Bottom of this post.

It will also be available in your LIVE CHATS for your Streams.

If you would like a custom Paywall Tip Page

that includes all of your donation support links on it please submit a support ticket request for Custom Tip Page.

It will look something like this:

New LIVE Chat has Been Added to the Live Streaming

Live Chat is really simple to use.

If you Click on the “People Icon” It will Show you all channels you are subscribed to. Yours will Be at the top.



In order to close the Menu you have to Click the People Icon Again


How To Ban a Bad User?

All you have to do is click on their name and then click the triple dot menu and select “Ban from Chat”

Now Just click the People Icon and Click your channel at the top to go back to your room.


How To Use This with OBS in my Live Stream as a Overlay?

Click the Triple Dot menu in your Chat Room and Click Copy Embed or Now You Can Click Bubbles Only


Now Go to your OBS and Click Add Source and Select Browser


You will See this Pop up. Give your Source a Title. For example I used “JoshWho TV Chat” and click OK


Now This Properties window will Pop Up and you Past the URL you Copied Into the URL Box. Delete whatever is in there if there is a test url in it.


Now Just adjust the Width to 360 or whatever your likings and Click OK.



Now You Have Chat as a Overlay widget for your OBS

Uploads are back.

Sorry for the inconvenience Everything should be working like normal again.

Uploads being worked on again

We spoke too soon. We will let you know as soon as we have the uploads back on. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Uploading is back online

We have all updates done and uploading is back online. If you have any issues please send us a support ticket.

Uploading Temporary Disabled

We are working on some improvements for the Upload Module and will have this temporarily disabled.  Sorry for the Inconvenience.  We are working on it and will have it all back up as soon as possible.

Kind Regards,

The JoshWho TV Team

We are integrating Bitcoin as a Payment Processor for Creator Rewards from fans

We are working on a integration with a website wallet that will allow users to add Bitcoin and will be able to transfer to tip other Video Creators on the platform. In order to use you need a Bitcoin wallet address and knowledge on how to use it.

Email Notification Bug – Video Upload Email Notifications Not working.

We are working on getting email notifications fixed. It has been reported that email notifications are not going out after video uploads and we are looking into it.

Also any account that has not verified their email address has been temp suspended so it is not sending out emails to dead emails accounts.

You can either recreate your account and verify your email or send us a support ticket and we can restore your old account with a new email address you want to add to it.

Creator Monetization Coming Soon

We are working on a new Monetization system for all creators on the JoshWho TV Platform that will be a total independent system between the Creator and the Ad Network.

This will give you the possibilities to be able to use any ad network you want as long as they can provide banner ads or Java based ads and it will be included on every video you make.

We are also working on a Donation Button to add to your channel that will link to your other platforms like Patreon, Subscribe Star, PayPal, amd others.