Go Live in 1 Click – JoshWho TV Super Easy to Go Live with Any Kind of Device that has a Chrome like browser

The easiest way to Go LIVE. Create a account and verify your email and you can go live instantly. Comes with a built in chat so you can tell your fans to watch your link and chat with them at the same time. https://www.joshwhotv.com

Your Live Stream will be visible as long as you have it set to public

In the Live Settings Page there is a share tab click on it and copy your live stream link to give to your fans.

You can Also change the title of your stream on the live settings page. Don’t forget to click the save button.

If you would Like to have DVR Stream Recording enabled submit a support request for it and we will enable it for your channel. DVR allows up to 6 hours of recording before it breaks into another video file. This feature is not enabled by default so please submit a support request if you would like it enabled.

(Complete)Josh Who Radio Is currently be transferred to another datacenter

Services are being upgraded and the team is getting all the new hardware installed for the new location.

Scheduled migration works started on


As announced earlier, due to the modernization of our network, your server account joshwho on usa4.fastcast4u.com machine, is being transferred to a new machine.

  1. A full backup of your server account(s) has been created – your data is safe and is going to be transferred in full.
  2. Your Server Hostname usa4.fastcast4u.com, and ports remain unchanged.
  3. Your stream links that contain the hostname remain unchanged.
  4. Server IP will change from to new IP – please make sure you use the hostname or new IP in your live stream software and stream links.
  5. Centova Cast Control Panel and AutoDj may be temporarily unavailable during migration.
  6. You will be notified once the migration is completed.Once we complete the migration, we will shut down the old machine and immediately launch a new one.Your server will be restarted automatically and you will be notified by the next email, no actions are required from your end.
We apologize for any inconvenience caused and appreciate your understanding.
In case you need any assistance, our Customer Service Agents are also available by LiveChat

Web Socket Server Bug – Live Chat – Live User Count Bug

We have detected a major bug that was causing page loads to freeze and finally isolated what was causing it and have to disable the socket server for now which also is what the Live chat works off and the live user count.  Sorry for the inconvenience and should have a solution real soon.


Issue reported here on GitHub https://github.com/WWBN/AVideo/issues/6885