We are upgrading our Servers today so there will be random downtime

We have a new set of servers getting installed today and will periodically have some down time throughout the day and night but it will be well worth it once we get this all done.

Should be finished by Sat. afternoon tomorrow 1/25/2020

UPLOADING will be disabe today until we get the server files all transfered.

Live Streaming will be left on but DVR is turned off for now. Your streams will not record until we finish this update.

User Registration will be Disabled also until we complete the update.

We will be back with blazing fast speeds with almost zero latency.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

(SOLVED)Email Verification Bug – Not allowing Users to verify email address

We know about the bug and will have a fix for it by morning.

We are manually verifying accounts that are signing up right now. Please be patient and your account will work within the first 15 minutes after signup.



Bug has been fixed. Verification Emails are sending correctly again.

Channel Verification Badge Now Available!!!!!!!

All creators can now apply to have a channel Verification Badge.

Requirements to be eligible:

  1. Already established Brand. You can send us links to like Website, Social Media, etc… We have to make sure you are the official Brand.
  2.  Must be in good standing with JoshWho TV. (E.G. Not a Spammer)

To Apply just Send a Support Ticket Email to support@joshwhotv.com or go to the Support Center and you can open a ticket there.

My Tip Jar – Donation Tip Pay Wall – Free For All Creators Upon Request.


If you would like a My Tip Jar page created for your channel please submit a support request to support@joshwhotv.com 

Include in the Email Subject: Request for My Tip Jar Page

We will need your JoshWho TV Channel Link, and all your donation links.

We currently support the use for: Patreon, SubcribeStar, PayPal, StreamLabs, TeeSpring, Vimeo, and Cash App. JoshWho TV Wallet is automatically included.

It will look something like this: https://mytipjar.org/

New Tip/Donation Link Spot now in all Creator Accounts.

You can now add a custom tip or donation link to your channel.

This button will be available on every creator video that has a link added in their Account Settings.

Just go to MY ACCOUNT to add your link. It can be any kind of pay link Ex. Paypal, Streamlabs, Patreon, Subscribe Star, Teespring, etc….

Or We Can Build You a Tip Jar Page that has all your links on it, and link that to your channel. See The Bottom of this post.

It will also be available in your LIVE CHATS for your Streams.

If you would like a custom Paywall Tip Page

that includes all of your donation support links on it please submit a support ticket request for Custom Tip Page.

It will look something like this: https://tipjar.seekingthetruth.info/template.php