We are still migrating services may be some outages during this period

We are still changing over dns and other services to our new infrastructure so you may see some outages here in there but most of the largest parts is complete.

Everything should be all done and settled in by the end of this weekend.


Please let us know if you are having any trouble contact support@joshwhotv.com or open a ticket at https://support.joshwhotv.net

How to Embed your Live Stream onto your Channel Page

Lots of people are familiar with the Live stream format of Youtube and expect to see your live stream also on your channels home page. This will be a future update one day but right now there is a trick to still do it.

All you have to do is Embed your live stream’s Embed URL. Just go to your live Stream and look for your Share Embed Code. You just need the URL out of it.

When You go live, just Copy that link out of your share code and Embed it like a video embed


Once Embedded add a Thumbnail and you can edit the title to anything even add this circle thing 🔴

When the stream is over you can delete it or edit the link you have embedded to point to the new video file.