(SOLVED)Discovered a Bug in MYSQL while under a DDoS Attack and working on the bug now


Bug has been fixed.


We are currently working on the new bug found that is causing a MYSQL overload. Everything should be back in operation by 8 am CT. Sorry for the inconvenience.

One Click Go Live is being redesigned so we have it disabled for right now

Sorry for the inconvenience. The Go Live from your Webcam is being worked on to be better than ever. New version will be out soon.

You are still able to use your normal streaming software like OBS for example using the RTMP key and link just as before, this is just the go live using only your webcam function. 

You can now Schedule Your Video Uploads via the Uploader

Now you can upload and set when you want your video to go live, giving you time to customize the title, description, and thumbnail before the notification goes out for it.  This is a new option located directly on the uploader as illustrated in the picture below.

Email server is now Sending out your Verifications

Email was down for a few days and new users was not able to verify their email addresses. Now it is back functioning.

If you never received your original please either click resend verification or send us a email to support@joshwhotv.com and we will get you all set up.

(SOLVED)Bug Not able to log in Being worked on Sorry for the inconvenience

10:11 pm Resolved. We now have 5 confirmations saying they can login so I am going to mark this as resolved.

8:43 pm UPDATE: We think the problem might be solved and would like any users having the issue to please report back to us if you are able to login now, please and thanks.

6:47 pm We know about this bug and are currently working on it and will let you know as soon as a fix is it. Sorry for the inconvenience

Users that are having problems logging in please try to reset your passwords. If you need help please send us a support request to support@joshwhotv.com

You can look further into this bug development here: https://github.com/WWBN/AVideo/issues/7606

We are currently working on patching a bug that resets settings and makes logging in not function correctly

Sorry for the inconvenience. JoshWho TV will be in maintenance mode until 5:00 am ct. Hopefully sooner.

What would you rather see recommended when watching videos on JoshWho TV?

I am trying to get everyone’s opinion on this.

What would be better ?

While watching videos on JoshWho TV, Would you like to see more videos of the same channel you are watching?


Random Suggested videos?

JoshWho TV bug causing passwords not to work has been identified and is being resolved.

We are working on this glitch that keeps happening that makes it inconvenient for people to log in some times and are in the middle if a fix for it.

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