Uploader Auto Login is not working Says Invalid Captcha BUG

We are aware of this bug and it is being looked into and should be solved by later this afternoon.

Temporary fix is to just manually login to the uploader.


Erase the Prefilled password and type your account password and it will let you log in.

Cost Breakdown to Run the JoshWho Network

Doing things on a budget is what I am really good at, especially when it comes to digital services.

I try to squeeze the most possibilities I have out of every cent I get to make this work. Not to many people in the world would ever start a business off this model because surprises seems to always happen later down the road so it is a gamble I am not going to lie, but we have been very lucky from the start.

To secure the operations we need roughly a little under $400.00 usd a month so far.

Here is the cost breakdown,

1. Email Servers for JoshWho TV Notifications and JoshWho Email service $62.00 usd a month

2. Cost of keeping Loop Social Network going $47.00 usd a month

3. Dedicated servers running the main JoshWho TV Platform costs $243.00 usd a month.

4. Cloud Storage which is a growing floating variable that will continue to go up the more videos get added to it. So far the average monthly price is at $57.00 usd a month but will continuously keep rising the more storage that gets used.  Currently past 13 terabytes of video.

5. Simple Domain Name Fees which average from $12.00 usd to $20.00 usd dollars a peace and only need payed once a year.

Just trying to keep this as simple as possible and want people to know what their donations are contributing to. We could not do any of this without you all so I and Every one else appreciates all the support we can get for this, and thank you all for your time.

If you would like to support our project please go here and we have many options how u can. https://tip.joshwho.net

Youtube Import bug has been fixed. You can now even import whole playlists

The Youtube Importing has been fixed and is now better than ever. You can even import whole playlists now.

(FIXED)Uploading Videos is Temporarily Disabled – Storage Service is Undergoing Maintenance

Uploading is temporarily disabled for now until the Maintenance is done on the cloud storage.

Maintenance Update 12/10/2021

As you may be aware, a vulnerability was announced recently in Log4j, a widely used logging library used by companies around the world. In an abundance of caution, we have temporarily taken our services offline while rolling out security patches to address this.

We expect services to be down for a number of hours. We apologize for any inconvenience, and we’ll provide updates as we have them.

12/11/2021 02:58am PT update: Systems are back online and functioning normally. If you are experiencing any problems, please reach out to our Support Team:

JoshWho TV is Community Funded and We Depend on Your Support to Stay Running

We do not have any venture funding or any controlled sponsors, this all funded by people like you and me.  If we can achieve more funding we could have faster uploaders, faster page loads, faster everything.  More money equals a more professional platform.

What is different about our platform from the others not just only the fact that we are strictly a Service provider under Section 230, but we also maintain and handle any software related issues on the platform as soon as we learn about them.

Technology and the Internet is continuously growing, and so are we to keep up with all the latest demands like Live Streaming, Video Hosting (including free Roku Channel Setup), Program Playlists, Video Embedding, Article Posting and so on etc…. Free Video Hosting that legally protects free speech under the Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act .

Please help Support the project so we can finally have a place that is better than the others and will be a great new digital home for your content.

Or you can also send support here: https://tip.joshwho.net

JoshWho Analytics is Here – We are now accepting new signups!

We are knocking out one public service at a time to break free of the big tech giants.

This is a Website analytic tool that lets you see how well your website or JoshWho TV Channel is performing with your members, customers, following etc… Go here to Login: https://analytics.joshwho.net/

This will give you the features you need to understand how well your digital properties are performing without the tech giants trying to steal your information to use against you or in competition business wise.

Make sure when you are signing up to include your domains you want in the analytics and also your JoshWho TV channel url if you have one. Just open a support ticket and select JoshWho Analytics and then fill in the blanks and don’t forget the domains or channel or all the above LOL

You can easily add the Site ID you get from your Code we send to your JoshWho TV Account here: https://www.joshwhotv.com/user


Built using open source project Open Web Analytics 

JoshWho TV is Now Roku Ready – Add your Channel to Roku Today

Create your Own Roku TV Channel for FREE

Bypass the Cable and Satellite Networks

JoshWho TV is now Roku ready and makes it easy to add your channel to Roku (Does Not Work with Embeded Videos) only ones you have uploaded.

Roku is the fastest growing TV Network available and is included on most new smart tv’s and will replace cable, and satellite tv providers fast, because it is free TV, free Movies, and Paid Services are also available so all you need is a fast internet connection and a free Roku account to watch TV.

There is already millions of people tuning into Roku channels around the world everyday, and you would be a fool to pass up this free opportunity to finally be seen by the masses.


  1. First thing is you need to start off by creating an account with Roku. If you already have a Roku unit, then you probably already have an account. Sign in.
  2. Create a Roku Developer account it is free here: https://developer.roku.com/publish
  3. Once Logged in to the Developer Dashboard click Channels then click add
  4. Select Direct Publisher
  5. click Add and select Direct Publisher
  6. Setup your Channel Information
  7. Select your Country and regions u want to be listed in

7. Add your JoshWho TV Channel’s Roku URL

Example: https://www.joshwhotv.com/channel/SeekingTheTruth/roku.json

If you have a large Library and are having trouble getting your feed submited showing errors use a limit to show just your last 100 videos for example:


It is just your channel url and add /roku.json   to the end of the url. 

To add the limiter make the end look like this /roku.json?rowCount=100

8. Sync check your feed status by clicking refresh. If you see any errors either delete the videos it is saying or reupload it and do a video swap then click refresh again and check back in 5 minutes. All video urls have to be valid or it won’t let u publish.

9. Upload Your Channel Art. All image fields are required for this to be published.

10. You are ready to Schedule your Publish for your channel

This is free to do and another great way to get your content out to more people in the world and you can even monetize it on Roku.

(FIXED)Uploader Not completing Bug

There is a bug with the uploader not completing with large uploads


Problem SOLVED

(FIXED) Youtube Importing has been fixed and now you can backup your channel from YT

Update: YT Importing is broken and will be looking for a alt method.


All you do is just paste your Youtube Channel URL into the video importer and it will grab all your videos.


DO NOT ABUSE THIS only use on your channel.

Also remember when you upload your channel sends out email notifications so if you all ready have subscribers please make a new channel just so you are not annoying your fans with emails.

(FIXED)Youtube has blocked our video importer from grabbing videos off your YT channels

Not really a shock but super weird now all of a sudden. This only effects importing videos from your youtube channel. We do not know if this is a permanent thing, but for right now we advise don’t even bother trying to grab a video from your youtube channel it will most likely fail and won’t be playable on your channel.

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