(SOLVED)DVR Recording Still on the blink not recording to Channel

We are still looking into this and should have a solution soon.


Will update back on this.


It is all fixed now. If you want to be able to auto live record please send us a support ticket and we will enable this feature for you. Most verified channels already have this feature enabled.

(SOLVED)Error Comment Not Saved Bug – Showing error message saying comment not saved.

The comment actually does save, it is a false error message and will be fixed by the afternoon.

Refresh the page and you will see your comment there, it is just a glitch.

Problem has been fixed.

BUG – Odyssey.com not able to connect using restream (SOLVED) Fixed

Firewall was blocking them from connecting our restream system to odysey.com but we have it all fixed now and everything works great.

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