(SOLVED)Subscribed Rows showing on the Home Page BUG Subscriber rows disabled until bug fix

There has been a update that made loading the homepage once logged in load thousands of thumbnails and images all at once causing browser to freeze


Bug is getting looked into should be fixed by tomorrow afternoon 6/16/21 .

A New Infrastructure Security is born and will help cut down on a lot of network outages from DDoS – Open Source CrowdSec

We have in place new security measures that not only defends against DDoS, but also learns from the attacks.

This will reduce a lot of false positive ip bans and keep the good traffic flowing without interruption.

There is vicious internet attack tools on the net that gets used all the time to try to extort money or agenda’s out of companies and we need to team together to help stop the cyber attacks.

Now I originally was only using Config Server Firewall LFD and AI to analyze logs, and was sharing the public block list to everyone that wanted to use it to help cut down on attack traffic, but that just wasn’t reliable when it came to taking action in a timely manner.

Now we have deployed CrowdSec Security to go alongside our setup.

Hackers constantly collaborate together, on a world scale. Each IP they control are anonymity tokens to hide their hacktivities. Our only chance is to stand as a crowd and act in a coordinated way, as they do. When you, Sysadmins, Devops & Secops join forces, you outnumber them and can burn their IPs one by one, crippling this precious anonymity.

CrowdSec is an open-source and collaborative EDR.
Analyze behaviors, respond to attacks & share signals across the community.

  1. Parse logs
    Acquire data from any source (syslog, cloudtrails, SIEM, etc.)
  2. Set up your own intrusion detection system
    Apply behavior scenarios to identify cyberthreats
  3. Automate your security
    Define the type of remediation you want to apply and where
  4. Leverage the community’s IP blacklist
    Share and benefit from a crowdsourced and curated cyber threat intelligence system

The massively multiplayer firewall

CrowdSec is designed to run seamlessly on virtual machines, bare-metal servers, containers or to be called directly from your code with our API.

Collaborative Security

Our strength comes from our cybersecurity community which is burning hackers’ anonymity. By sharing the IP addresses that aggressed you, you help us curate and redistribute a qualified IP blacklist to protect everyone.

High performance

Written in Golang, CrowdSec is 60x faster than its predecessor (Fail2ban) and can parse massive amounts of logs in no time. Agents can read log files, SIEM events, through a network socket and can be used in high throughput networks. For CPU & RAM-constrained assets, bouncers can just make very light API calls.

Multilayer & IPV6 ready

No matter if your servers or attackers are using IPV4 or IPV6 addresses, CrowdSec will do the job. This next-gen HIDS has been designed to not only deal with IPs but also with user sessions and more business-oriented layers.

GDPR Compliant

Sharing is caring but privacy matters even more. We collect the very strict minimum in order to be GDPR compliant. Hence, we never export your logs and the only data sent for curation are a timestamp, the aggressive IP, and the scenario used in the attack.


Auto Record Live Streams is now a Switch located in Live Dashboard you can turn on or off limited to certain accounts requests for it

Now all Live Streamers are able to turn off their Auto Stream Recording if you want to do 24/7 streams or repeats and do not want it to keep uploading to your channel wasting space. If you would like this feature please send in a support request.

(SOLVED)Restream not functioning

we have reports of restream not re broadcasting and confirmed it.  Please check back for update.

JoshWho TV Mobile App Now for All devices – No App Store Needed anymore

We now have PWA integration which will bypass the need to be listed in app stores and anyone with a mobile device can now just Add us to their Home Screen and it will install our mobile app on your device.

  1. Just Open up your browser and go to https://www.joshwhotv.com
  2. Go to your address bar and you should see a option to Install App at the end of it. If you do not see this go 2nd option.
  3. (2nd option Skip if above worked) Click your Browser’s setting Menu might be a triple Dot menu or Gear or Asterisk depending on browser and Look for the option to Add to Home Screen
  4. Done – You have now just installed our mobile app on your device and should keep you logged in if you tell it to on first log in.