Manual VIdeo Uploader Stuck Never uploads FIXED

We have been seeing the complaints and had to dig deep for this one but found out there was a misconfiguration in one of our security rules that was causing this error. Should be all good now.


Please let us know if you have anymore trouble with manually uploading videos.

(SOLVED)Email Notifications are disabled for now

UPDATE: 06/01/21 Email notifications has been fixed and work again.



UPDATE: 12/7/20 Comments and Live Stream notifications still work.

We just had a batch of videos I guess like 300 videos in a row uploaded and this caused the email services to no longer allow sending notifications because it gets spam complaints.

Solution for now until we build a smtp server is to sign up to my Loop social network and share your video links there and have your audience also join loop so they can keep getting your notifications.

Loop is a free speech social network. Bring all your friends here, works way better than Parler and there is already a lot of people on it.