Live Streams have been all fixed and should be working correctly now.

We finally have everything in place setup correctly with the new servers and everything including streams should be working smooth now.


Live Stream is saying Offline Bug

We are looking into what is stopping the live stream switch to say ONLINE

Should be fixed shortly.

Uploading Bug reported and has been fixed

We had a report of videos not saving to the user channel leaving a prompt showing EE:EE:EE:EE and the bug has now been fixed. Please reupload if you have in the last 6 hours if your video has been flagged as corrupted.

Upgrades are finally finished and everything is back online

We are happy to announce the new servers are now in operation and everything is back online.

We are upgrading our Servers today so there will be random downtime

We have a new set of servers getting installed today and will periodically have some down time throughout the day and night but it will be well worth it once we get this all done.

Should be finished by Sat. afternoon tomorrow 1/25/2020

UPLOADING will be disabe today until we get the server files all transfered.

Live Streaming will be left on but DVR is turned off for now. Your streams will not record until we finish this update.

User Registration will be Disabled also until we complete the update.

We will be back with blazing fast speeds with almost zero latency.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

Live Streams on the Home Page have been discontinued

We have decided to no longer show the Live Streams on the Homepage due to a Cache issue and some bugs it also had.

Live streams can be found from the Live Notification Alert area at the top of the website.