Video Dashboard is Being Redeveloped and Is Disabled for now

We are working on a new Video Dashboard that will have all of your Video view Stats. The old version has a lot of bugs and script errors so we are working on a better one and should be out hopefully next month.

Channel Monetization is Here on JoshWho TV!!!!

Now all creators can monetize their channels using your own choice of ad network.

For more info on how to add Monetization to your videos please go here and View the Help Topic: “How to Add your ad publisher code

(SOLVED)Email Verification Bug – Not allowing Users to verify email address

We know about the bug and will have a fix for it by morning.

We are manually verifying accounts that are signing up right now. Please be patient and your account will work within the first 15 minutes after signup.



Bug has been fixed. Verification Emails are sending correctly again.