JoshWho TV has the most transparency when it comes to Analytics and learning your audience

JoshWho TV, you can gain insights into the demographic origins of your views, enabling you to understand your audience’s reach better. By using this tool, you can determine whether your efforts align with your objectives and whether you are achieving the desired outcomes.


Video creators will see a button titles Views Info on the video page they can click to see this data. You must be logged in, and the video owner/uploader to see this.

JoshWho TV Custom Page – Stand out with your brand You can even add your own domain

Example of the Custom Page

We can make it a subdomain like you see in the example above, or you can even bring over your own domain name and we can make your page work under that.

You will also be able to have your own custom ads or no ads, your choice.

This will make it easy for you to tell others where to watch your videos by giving them a direct domain address right to your channel.

This is a addon to your free JoshWho TV channel for donors that pledge $10.00 USD a month.

You can setup a monthly pledge here

After you make your pledge, please send me an email to so I can get the info you would like to have for your custom page to be setup.

Make sure to click the Monthly one or it will only just charge the first time, and will have to keep manually pay every month.

Video view counts will now only be visible to the video creators, in the My Video Dashboard and your Analytics

I am making this decision, because I understand the stigma and social pressure, people get with the view counter. You be surprised, some people lose so much focus on their art or what they want to show you because they are so stuck into the hypnotizing bipolar numbers and creates a virtual feel of how popular you are or if you are a failure.

The likes and dislikes will still be there for ratings and you still will be able to comment and even chat. I just want to end the power from the elites that control people with these numbers by not making it a public thing anymore.

Numbers will still be recorded and shown in your creator dashboard and also in the video edit page as well. Analytics will still also report the numbers, so if you have ads this will not interfere with cpm or anything. This is just making the view count not the most important thing for people to judge a video by if they want to watch or not.

You can now Schedule Your Video Uploads via the Uploader

Now you can upload and set when you want your video to go live, giving you time to customize the title, description, and thumbnail before the notification goes out for it.  This is a new option located directly on the uploader as illustrated in the picture below.

What would you rather see recommended when watching videos on JoshWho TV?

I am trying to get everyone’s opinion on this.

What would be better ?

While watching videos on JoshWho TV, Would you like to see more videos of the same channel you are watching?


Random Suggested videos?

Censorship Manipulation from the EU Disguised as Trying To Keep The Peace has been Deflected

We received a support request the other day regarding certain videos on our platform. Attaching that Letter Below at the bottom of this message.

Free speech is free speech. The videos that has been requested to be taken down is now in a new protected archive account.

Removing these materials from the internet will only help the bad guys get away.

All the other platforms that most people like to talk about and brag about free speech are really ran by feds, and they control all the content you are allowed to see.

You need to start asking yourself why the Feds are looking at youtube vids and social media more than they are looking for the real actual terrorist threats, and why platforms like Bitchute, Dlive, and Odyssey easily comply to commands like this.

They are using a shield of morals saying that they are trying to combat online violent extremist activities. If that was the case then you would have never heard of Live Leak or World Star Hip Hop.

These are lobbied censorship tactics being thrown around trying to do cover, damage control.

We do not condone any violence or terrorist acts at all. We are law abiding citizens and we the people deserve the right to know what the fuck actually happens in this world, if we got to live it.

We need to learn from these videos and investigate why these things are happening in such weird strange organized patterns.

Here is the attached letter:

Europol Internet Referral Unit posted 

Dear service provider,

The EU Internet Referral Unit works with industry and law enforcement partners to combat online violent extremist activities. Based at Europol, the EU IRU cooperates closely with the European Commission and EU member States to specifically target online terrorist propaganda related to violent extremist and terrorist groups.
In the course of our monitoring activity, we have witnessed that violent extremist and terrorist groups or their supporters are using, among others, your platform to spread their message. Therefore, we would like to start a dialogue with you in order to report content in violation of your Terms of Service.

The types of terrorism related content that the EU IRU would like to report to you fall under the following categories:
– Encouragement of terrorism
– Promotion of designated terrorist organisations
– Incitement to murder and committing suicide
– Child abuse (child soldiers, executions conducted by children)
– Glorification of acts of violence

Please see the below an example of violating content shared on your platform:

In our assessment, this material promotes violence and/or glorifies terrorism.
We would appreciate if you could give us your feedback and get in contact with us to discuss participating in our referral process.

We look forward to hearing from you.
Kind regards,

EU Internet Referral Unit

Eisenhowerlaan 73
2517KK The Hague
The Netherlands

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